Sunday, November 17, 2013

The facts on some of Australian political 'issues' as I find them.

A note on bias:
I am certain I have bias about these issues (as does most everyone), so if you have an article which focuses on the facts but shows it from a different point of view, let me know in the comments.

Asylum Seekers
Australian Government Fact Sheet: Asylum seekers and refugees: What are the facts
  • Are they 'illegal'?
      • No. Coming to Australia either by boat or plane does not seem to be illegal, as long as you request Asylum when you arrive.
  • Which countries are they coming from?
      • Those arriving by boat are primarily from Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Iran. They have an 85-99% acceptance rate (meaning that they are deemed to be refugees under internationally treaties to which we are signatories).
  • How many arrive each year by boat and plane? How does this compare to the number who apply from overseas?
  • How many are assessed to be genuine refugees?
  • Are they queue jumping?
Marriage Equality
Kevin Rudd's blog post on the matter is pro-Marriage Equality and covers some of the common arguments against allowing same-sex marriages in a clear headed manner: Kevin Rudd's Blog on Marriage Equality (cached)

NBN - The pre-2013-election version
A well worthwhile look at what the NBN would be like without the need to support landlines: The Ideal Wholesale NBN Market

Clearly biased to be pro-NBN, but seems well researched: Top 10 NBN Myths