Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fake tech support call


Well, I received one of those indian 'I am from Microsoft and your computer has a virus and is going slower and slower' scam calls.

I went along with them to see what scam they were running.

1) They got me to check "eventvwr" and showed me Application Events and claimed they were caused by a virus (they obviously aren't)

2) They then got me to look at "inf virus" and told me these were all caused by virus' too.

3) Then the real part of the scam started when they wanted to have a technician 'help' me. Basically they get you to go to www.letmein123.com from a run dialogue (I'm guessing this gives it administrator rights or similar?). Then, because I "didn't know the 6 digit code that came with my computer" they gave me one. In this case 471831 (DONT TYPE THAT IN!).

I hung up at this point, because I couldn't find a picture of what the letmein page looked like and it's not like I was actually going to give them remote access to my computer.

Wish I had had time to get a virtual machine running so I could run through it with them and see what they tried.

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