Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Installing rtklib

Hey all,

Just a quick few lines, which I used to successfully make rtklib under ubuntu 10.10. I am not sure if all install packages are required or not, but the following worked for me.

Download and unpack the latest version of rtklib, 2.4.1 as at October 2011

wget http://www.rtklib.com/prog/rtklib_2.4.1.zip
unzip rtklib_2.4.1.zip
cd rtklib_2.4.1/

Install the required C compiler and Linear Algebra packs

sudo apt-get install build-essential
sudo apt-get install automake
sudo apt-get install checkinstall
sudo apt-get install liblapack3gf
sudo apt-get install libblas3gf

Make it!

cd app/
sudo bash makeall.sh


Jordan said...

Hi Thomas, I'm curious, what GPS hardware did you use to get this up and running? I'm looking to get a low-cost module that supports the raw outputs necessary for RtkLib. Thanks,

jordan.erenrich AT gmail.com

Giovanni Formisano said...

Hy guys I need to recompile the rtklib cause I have to see some use of function and procedure...I am using Windows but How I can do this...So I need to make a debug...HELP HELP pls

yjmenezes said...

Hi Thomas,

I wrote an script com compile rtklib2.4.1 and aply the 5 patches under Ubuntu 11.10 x32 and x64. It is a great software.

I have one ublox-AEK4T and I got 1 centimeter for a 10km base line.
It is hard to find AEK4T,5T or 6T on u-blox resellers.

I bought a Trimble iQlassen and evaluation boar GPS-08334 from Sparkfun
but I need some eletronics to power it up. I don't know about electronics and I am afraid to blow it . I am reading a lote about it. I hope to have it running soon.

btw, with receivers are you working with ?


Julio menezes

Jefferson said...

Hi Julio.
I'm using Ubuntu too, and I'm trying to run rtkrcv, without success.
I created a .conf file with rtknavi in windows, made the corretions (as file paths), but I always get the message (rtk server start error) when I run start inside rtkrcv.
I think that I have compiled the rtklib without problems.
Can you help me?

Raj said...

HI THomas,great post. Just wat i needed. I am running a Beagleboard rev C5 board and just installed Ubuntu 11.0 .i am working with a NovAtel receiver and RTKLib for real time processing. so i am using the board to do all the processing and data logging..

btw,im a newbie to embeded programming and linux and i am hoping to get RTKLIB run on the board in no time!..

Unknown said...

Hey jefferson,
Did you solve the error that you are encountering. I have enountered a similar error but I still cannotfix this error: rtk server start error

Asfandyar Malik

axiom said...

I'm running RTKlib 2.4.2 on Ubuntu 12.04 and I got the same error at first. If you chmod +x rtk*.sh you should be able to run the server scripts. I also encountered another server start error in which the snrmaskpos1 default settings throw an error and exit so I commented this line out for testing. Anyone else notice this or have a default setting that works?

Unknown said...

Hi guys,
I have the same problem of axiom. With ubuntu and with the LEA-6T.
I write "rtkrcv -o single.conf", (the program start) I write in the console "start". But nothing happen, status doesn't change...
Any idea? In the configuration file I changed only: bound rate to 9600 and the ubx format.
Thank you

Unknown said...

Could any body Provide video tutorial links,

Because I have to Program to transmit and accept / apply RTK corrections on code and carrier modes for GPS applcation.

Please suggest something